About Us

Welcome to Geetech

Geetech Systems was established to provide appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning services throughout the Western Cape and, including the farming community, northern and Southern Suburbs Cape and the Cape Town Central business District.

We are dependable and factory trained for most major local commercial and residential appliances such as; Whirlpool appliances, Samsung appliances, LG Appliances, GE appliances, Kenmore appliances, Sub – Zero appliances, Bosch appliances, Viking appliances and Thermador appliances, Fravega Appliances, Dunham Bush appliances. Commercial brands like – Fry master Fryers, Manitowoc and other various commercial Ice makers.

Geetech Systems has over 11 years of equipment repair experience, we repair Cooktops, Ovens, Stoves, Commercial Grilles, Commercial Fryers, Refrigerators, Walk-In refrigerators and coolers, commercial ice makers, Washers – commercial and residential, Dryers, Dishwashers, Tank Water Heaters,

We also have experts in walk-in freezers for products that require very low temperatures, display-coolers in restaurants as well as attending to those environments with that require customised specific temperature and humidity conditions – such as IT server rooms and pharmacology spaces.

Most repairs are either mechanical, electronic or software-related. No matter what your appliance needs, you are in good hands with us.


  • Solved Freezer Problems  – Freezer not cooling, not working, has clicking sound, runs all the time, is leaking water, the indicator light is out, only freezing on the top shelf, makes a continuous beeping sound.
  • Solved Refrigerator Problems – Refrigerator is freezing food in the fridge section, ice and water dispenser not working, ice is maker overflowing, light not working, runs constantly, leaking water, ice maker not working, ice dispenser not working, refrigerator not defrosting, is noisy or loud, makes a constant beeping sound, flushing dispenser lights, no dispenser lights, broken water dispenser lever, broken mullion, freezer door won’t stay closed, broken freezer door.
  • Solved Air Conditioner problems  – won’t start, stops running, won’t run at all, takes too long to cool down the space, Fan runs continuously with no cooling, doesn’t cool, doesn’t heat, trips circuit breaker, makes a loud noise, control panel lights won’t come on, flushing panel lights, bad smell from the unit, broken display or buttons, start running by itself.
  • Solved dryer problems  – Dryer won’t start, stops turning during the cycle, won’t turn at all, takes too long, Dryer gets too hot, won’t stop spinning, doesn’t heat, trips circuit breaker, makes loud noise, control panel lights won’t come on, flushing panel lights, pungent bellow smell, broken door hinges, broken display or buttons, starts drying cycle by its self.
  • Solved Oven and Stove Problems – Oven won’t heat, not baking evenly, broiler problem, surface element out, burner spark problem, oven temperature not constant, oven light is out, the oven won’t turn on, self-cleaning not functional, the oven won’t turn off, Range element stays on, an oven glass door is broken, the conventional fan stays running.

If you require an air conditioning unit installed in your home or business or a commercial refrigeration system installed at your business or better still, you require a service or repair of your any appliance. You can reach:

Geetech Systems can be reached on this number 0710027596, for both WhatsApp and calls. We are situated and operate within the Cape Town and Western Cape areas.